The Cartagena Lodging Guide includes hundreds of lodging selections of ALL price ranges, from five star to budget. CartagenaInfo is ALL about Cartagena, so we present our cities "5 star best", to Cartagena's most economical, plus everything in between!

The basic (minimum) requirements of lodging are: Security, Cleanliness, and Tranquility. We can easily determine if these basics exist during our first visit. If all three are not readily apparent, we do not offer them a Home Page.

CartagenaInfo maintains complete neutrality, and therefore we refuse to provide: "personal recommendations". Our standardized Home Page format is designed to quickly help our web site visitors determine, with a high degree of accuracy, what is best for them, to be followed up with E-mail contact.

All listings appear in alphabetical order. Client listings appear in bold type, with direct links to their Home Pages, one Page in Spanish and the other in English. Some clients also have Home Pages with additional languages.

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A brief description of the types of lodging available in Cartagena follows:

Apartahoteles (rented furnished, with features of both an apartment and hotel): Intended for longer stays: 1 week, 1 month, etc. Often rented for business use, or leased for weddings, or to families for graduations, or festivals which take place in Cartagena, throughout the year.

Apartamentos Amoblados (Furnished Apartments): As above but usually leased for longer periods, 90, 180, days etc. A large deposit, or a back up guarantor may be required in case you default on the terms of the lease. To avoid this, try offering partial payment in advance. Use a lawyer to draw up the contract.

Hospedajes: Furnished rooms, similar to a "motel", but less expensive.

Hostales: Similar to the European "hostel" type of lodging. Family oriented, offering more personalized services, almost always with owners/staff speaking multiple languages. Moderate to medium in price.

Hoteles: "Hotels" is the most common word used for lodging in Cartagena.
At the very top are posh 5 star hotels. Ownership can be national, or international. Many properties front right on the Caribbean beach, and others are in the Historic District. Some multi-star properties offer extensive amenities which could classify them as "resorts" or vacation destinations. Cartagena has thousands of "multi star rooms" which when combined, regularly host the largest international events taking place on the continent.

Other lodging using the name, "hotel", include non rated, but good, mid price hotels.

And, finally, the word "hotel" in Cartagena, includes the many budget hotels, rented by students, back packers, pensioners, lovers, and budget conscious families of all sizes.

Residencias: Private Residences, renting rooms, by the night and occasionally by the hour. Usually located in residential, non commercial areas around the city. Prices are low to moderate. The type of accommodations, and their clientele very widely, and for this reason, we are not able to provide a generalized description of Residencias.