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Starting to sound do able? But what about your friends?  WARNING: be prepared. They will not understand.  Many will impulsively be negative. Your getting married where?  Colombia?  Are you crazy?  If youve done your due diligence on this web site, and others, you perhaps will reply: Yah, weve done our homework, and were crazy like a fox! 

Please visit this, and other Internet sites to get a balanced picture about NORTHERN COLOMBIA, ON THE CARIBBEAN, and not the distortion and propaganda dished out by the U. S. State Department.  You have looked at a map and realize that the problems in Colombia, are hundreds of miles south of the Caribbean coast.


Send an E-Mail to: We will provide you with your own private URL page where your wedding photos will be available for all to see. In your local newspaper, you can mention this URL, so that all your friends remaining back home can see your wedding. They will be up linked within 36 hours, or less if we can. The cost-only $100.00 u.s. and you can make payment when you arrive in Cartagena.

The U. S. Government´s Travel Warning dated: 17/4/2001.

 The Department of State warns U.S. citizens against travel to Colombia. Violence by narco traffickers, guerrillas, illegal self-defense (paramilitary) groups and other criminal elements continues to affect all parts of the country, both urban and rural.

Contrast the above SHOT GUN STYLE Warning, (all parts of the country) which is seriously damaging our tourist economy all along the Caribbean, with the much more responsible, and accurate, Canadian report seen below:

The Canadian government´s Travel Advisory dated: 14/6/2001.

Note: Bold type added for emphasis, by

Canadians should defer tourist travel to Colombia until further notice, except for visits to the major resorts of Cartagena, Santa Marta, and San Andrés.

There are three distinct Colombias: 1) tourist resorts (mainly on the Caribbean coast); 2) the rural interior, outlying urban areas, and city slums; and 3) the modern business areas of the major cities of Bogotá, Cali, Medellín, Barranquilla, and Bucaramanga.
Tourism is an important industry in Colombia and, as such, the level of security in resort areas is relatively high. Most of the major tourist centers, including San Andrés and Cartagena, have rates of crime and violence directed at foreigners comparable to other resort towns in the Caribbean. The remainder of Colombia away from these resorts, including outlying urban areas and city slums, is different. 

The Canadian Consulate, with their office in Cartagena, also provides consular services. The address is as follows:

Edificio Centro Ejecutivo Bocagrande, Carrera 3, # 8-129, Oficina 1103, Cartagena, Colombia (country and area codes: 57-5/ tel.: 665-5838/ fax: 665-5837/ e-mail:  

Fax them if you have any questions about your personal safety in Cartagena.