- La Guia de Cartagena, Colombia
   La Guía De Cartagena, Colombia

Budget Travelers/Students & Pensioners

Cartagena on $10 per day?
Get Real! This is . Is this still possible?

Cartagena has many 5 star hotels and world-class restaurants. For some, we are the playground of the “rich and famous”. Where money is no concern, a $800-1,000 per day per person “budget” will pamper you in total comfort.

But, for a budget conscious family of five, daily costs can be as little as $40-$60 for the entire family.

Cartagena is also a favorite of singles on a tight budget. Travelers/students or pensioners can find room and board for less than $10 per day! Read on!

Singles on a budget. Some actual daily expenses:

Budget Hotel Room-
Clean, secure, and basic. Average room size: 8 X 12 feet, with a ceiling fan, toilet and shower. Double, or single bed, a chair or two, nightstand and a dresser for your clothes. Clean sheets and pillow case(s) plus a fresh towel and soap-daily. Cost in historic Central or modern Boca Grande…about $5 per night U.S. About a buck lower if you shower and use the toilet down the hall. Offer to pay a month in advance and bargain for 20%-40% off. Prices lower by about a dollar or so in less desirable, less safe areas. Start with these digs. To save even more, look for an apartment, or a friend to split the rent with? Get yourself a partner and teach each other your respective languages. Enjoy

Note: Many budget hotels accept couples for an hour or two of intimacy, and some have rooms set aside for prostitutes. Their steady occupancy helps keep your room rent low! Many families with limited funds make use of budget hotels, and the comings and goings of the various guests takes place in a relaxed, environment.

Breakfast: A pastry (filled with: chicken, beef, cheese, pineapple, or fudge) and glass of milk or juice. About .50 to .75 cents U.S.

Lunch: Usually the big meal in the Latin countries. Juice or soda. Meat, salad, vegetables, bread. About $1.50 to $2.00.

Dinner: Repeat lunch, or eat less, and save more. Or, snack throughout the day? A large fresh apple, pear or orange: about 25 cents each.

There are second hand stores selling a full range of men’s, women’s, kids and children’s clothing and shoes. Prices are about 25% of retail. Retail costs of these items when new, are about the same, or less, than in the states.

True, there is little left over for clothing, medical or recreational needs, but the walking is great! The city is clean. The parks are a pleasure, a good place for meeting people, plus they often have free entertainment. You can nurse a cold beer at your favorite watering hole. There are the libraries, museums, visiting with friends, window shopping, plus your never more than a 5 minutes walk to the beach. Anyone for a midnight dip?Cartagena Has It All.And, a pretty good life, on only $10.00 per day!

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